A downtown revitalization project.

Before NOVA6 was involved with Ilovealtoona.com, it was a dying website with no specific goal or direction. The ilovealtoona.com initiative was left behind over the years, in 2011 the non-profit organization decided to breathe new life into the project. NOVA6 was brought on board to help redefine the websites purpose. The idea was to have a community website that promoted Altoona and focused on the downtown area. We were asked to help rebrand and redefine what ilovealtoona.com’s mission and vision would be.

We decided the website needed to highlight everything Altoona and the surrounding area had to offer the community and visitors. We wanted to focus on downtown Altoona to foster revitalization and growth. The website needed to be a community resource and entice visitors to explore Altoona, such that, it would spur economic development. Our goal was to design a seamless user interface that would encourage the community to engage and influence the evolution of the website as well as downtown Altoona.

Discover, enjoy, give back.

Our team created a community calendar to inform residents of events going on in the region. We developed a business directory, focusing on downtown, to help propel economic growth. We designed a virtual tour map to show locals and visitors what is available in downtown Altoona. NOVA6 created a visitor’s guide communicating things to do, focusing on historical destinations, arts, and culture. The team also wanted to integrate an area to deliver the latest news from the area. And just for fun, we made an Altoona trivia section. The mobile design helped transform ilovealtoona.com into the ultimate user experience. The example shown here is the second website NOVA6 has created for the ilovealtoona.com organization since, 2011. The website viewership and social media interaction continues to increase year-to-year.

Getting connected.

Our objective was to create a video that could rely information quickly to be viewed on web, TV, and social media.  We needed to inform the viewer as to what the ilovealtoona.com website could provide for the community. Our team used an animated slideshow to highlight area attractions and the websites overall functionality as a community resource.  Using only images from Altoona and screen shots from the website, this video promotes the ilovealtoona.com website and conveys what type of information it provides.

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