Harris Township

Hello 2006.

When Harris Township partnered with NOVA6 for an overhaul of harristownship.org, the townships existing site had become outdated, growing into a user “unfriendly” site that was disorganized and cumbersome to navigate.  Without a well-designed navigational structure, local residents had difficulty finding important from their local government website. Designed in 2006, the site lacked visual appeal and was not a true reflection of this beautiful and vibrant Centre County PA community.

A study in organization.

We knew that organization and accessibility were our top priorities.  In additional to providing news and important notifications to the community, the site is an important resource for residents.  Residents need easy access to forms, permits, applications, ordinances, and tax information across multiple platforms. With so much varying content to work with, a strong content strategy was essential to the project’s success.

Nova 6 worked with the Amy and the team at Harris Township to completely restructure and reorganize the content, creating user-centered navigation that makes it easy to find news and information.  The clean, minimalistic website is accessible from all devices, and is now a true reflection of its community.

The challenge.

With over 10 years of archived documents including; minutes agendas and a very long list of ordinances, permits, applications, regulations, and zoning maps, our challenge was to create a seamless, intuitive Archive and Form Download portal that was simple to use.  Our solution integrated a drag and drop file manager, that allowed for easy maintenance on the back end, and a familiar, File Explorer format on the front end.  The final result, a simplistic, easy to use and maintain archive.

Township Residents
Archived Documents