Curry Supply Co.

H20 + trucks.

Curry Supply needed a short video, on a tight budget, to demonstrate the features of their On Road Water Trucks. NOVA6 set out to create a simple video that makes it easier for Curry Supply’s sales team, in the field, to visually represent everything their trucks are capable of.

NOVA6 accomplished this by mixing our team’s filmed footage and cell phone footage provided by Curry Supply.

A video demonstration.

This video uses simple kinetic text and text overlays to drive home the vocal message. Picture in picture boxes are used to highlight specific components as they are being demonstrated. Additionally, it clearly displays all relevant contact and social media information on the end plate of the video.

Now Curry’s sales team has the ability to visually demonstrate their products for potential clients from anywhere.

Company overview.

Curry Supply wanted an overview video highlighting a variety of departments and services they provide.  Filming segments in each department gave us the opportunity to give customers some background information as well as what to expect when you work with Curry Supply co.