Clearfield County SPCA

On location.

Our goal, for Clearfield County SPCA, was to create a seamless virtual tour video to encourage users to visit the facility. Additionally, we wanted to entice potential adopters to educate themselves, using the website, so they understood everything entailed with an adoption. The SPCA needed a way to show potential pet owners some of the animals as well as the facility all while having a small budget for advertising.

Behind the scenes.

The NOVA6 team filmed on location and the majority of the footage was shot using a hand held camera and cage. Filming handheld gave us the ability to get up close and personal to the animals, helping encourage pet adoption.  However, we did gather additional footage using our dolly track and jib system to accomplish a smoother, streamlined shot.

This video was used on the SPCA website as a welcome and virtual tour and received over 2,000 views in a relatively short period of time.

57% of viewers who watch non-profit videos go on to make a donation.