In the cage.

NOVA6’s team executed a complete rebranding for CDMMA, a mixed martial arts live-event promotions company. The new owner of the company asked NOVA6 to take on all marketing initiatives and help with the live-event productions of his new company. Our goal was to create a comprehensive experience for all customer touchpoints; therefore, the team decided to integrate every digital and traditional medium into our overall re-branding and integrated marketing strategy.

Fight club.

One of our goals was to create a consistent look, feel, and voice to all customer touchpoints. Our research indicated CDMMA events needed to portray an underground “Fight Club” feel to fulfill the target market’s needs, wants, and desires when seeking to be entertained in this region. Knowing this, NOVA6 created a tool kit that contained the newly created color schema, fonts, logo, and clearly defined brand identity, to keep everything consistent.

Once this was in place, the design and execution began. We started with photo and video shoots to gather images for promotional digital and print materials. NOVA6 created: business cards, post cards, stickers, posters, flyers, T-shirts, press passes, fighter passes, tickets, the event guide, billboards, a website, press releases, TV commercials, radio commercials, email marketing campaigns, YouTube videos, social media campaigns, and  a 30 minute television special aired on Fox between Sunday football games. And this was all for promotion before the event.

Fight night.

NOVA6 was also responsible for live-event production. Before the event date, NOVA6 created: an introduction video, individual fighter introduction videos, sponsor videos, intermission videos, winner graphics, sponsor graphics, round one through five graphics, fighter vs fighter graphics, and winner graphics all to be used during the event.

During the event our team incorporated all of the visual designs listed above accordingly and they were projected onto a large screen with music and audio announcements. Additionally, the team recorded live video of the fights to be projected for better viewing, such that, the audience member located in the higher seats of the Jaffa could easily see what was happening inside the fighter’s cage. CDMMA was a success. The Jaffa Shrine was three quarters of the way full and the customer feedback was extremely positive

    Altoona, PA

  • Branding, Graphic Design, Social Media, Email Marketing, Press Release